What is the ramp time in sales?

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The ramp time in sales is the time a new sales person would take to get to the expected level of productivity.

To be time specific, I would say the typical ramp time in sales is three months. 

Three months ramp-up period is more realistic.

I am more comfortable with a three-month training ramp-up period. I think it starts with a boot camp. Very intense all day every day to learn as much as possible.

There’s a combination of both studying the information and then practicing the information including shadowing all that they’re really not selling at all. 

I think in the middle of those three months typically around six weeks. Could be four, could be eight depending, that’s when they get on the phone, that’s when they start doing whatever the job is and there’s really no expectation of a deal being closed.

Also likely because those calls that they’re making if they get anybody into the pipeline there’s then your sales cycle.

So I would say the answer to your question is really determined by what is the length of that sale cycle. 

Ramp up time in sales

So depending on your business, if you have a two month sales cycle you may say that you don’t expect them to really start closing deals for two months from what’s called eight weeks right?

So until month four if you have a very long enterprise sale where it’s six to eight months.

If you give them a number in month four, I’ll tell you right now they’re not going to hit it or maybe there’s a situation where their number is sort of low and then it ramps up. Maybe there are existing deals in the pipeline that they’re going to be given. 

So there’s a lot of different factors that go into that but I would just I guess I would say three months ramp up and then depending on your business that would roll into whatever that quota attainment is. 

So that’s like a quota. In the first month is how many meetings you shadowed. Maybe or how many cold calls you sat in on or you know or that you actually made for yourself. 

And then a month two its how any discovery calls if you have or how many meetings do you have.

And then a month three it did you have like one sale where your quote is actually like 10 tails or something like that and you just start to to move from there.


So again I would say the answer is, it depends on how long your cell cycle is, how much your quota is. But on a realistic note, it should take like three months.

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