What is the importance of sales funnel in marketing strategy?

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A sales funnel has the ability to collapse the entire marketing phases into one sequenced system. Making it a must have constituent of any marketing strategy. That in itself makes your marketing strategy more formidable.


With This article I’m going to show you  what most marketing agencies’ books and  random articles on the internet won’t tell you about the importance of the sales funnel in your marketing strategy. And what they will not tell you is that most people suck at your entry mostly because a functional sales funnel is not an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

A functional sales funnel is important for your marketing strategy.

That’s why a functional sales funnel is important for your marketing strategy. No matter how your marketing strategy is, the aim is to get your leads from where they are to becoming a paying customer. And a sales funnel is wired especially for that. 

A good marketing strategy is also essential to the success of your sales funnel.

A good marketing strategy is also essential to the success of your sales funnel.

So you can’t create a marketing strategy  for a sales funnel until you know your  target audience’s most selfish desire that your product or service can satisfy.

Marketing Agencies use templates. 

I don’t even know what it is and this  especially applies to marketing strategy  and marketing agencies. These marketing agencies don’t really  use marketing strategy. They use templates and the reason why is because  after you pay 2050k or 100k they tell you to sign the contract with  the salesperson and your invoice for  that whatever amount.

They hand off your project to a  marketing strategist who’s really just a  glorified virtual assistant or project  manager.

Yeah like you know those virtual citizens. You’re seeing like any of the philippines who get paid like three, five, six dollars an hour. 

Yeah those are the people who will be coming up with the marketing strategy.

If you want to call it that for your company  but the reason they’re able to do this and this model actually does work. It  actually does get results for the clients of these agencies but only for one out of ten of the clients.

And I know  because I am interested in multiple agencies and I do know that’s really how it is and yeah it does work for one out of 10  clients, but that’s a problem.

Most agencies use crappy template strategies. 

When you  have clients paying 20k 50k 100k and only 1 out of 10 is getting results  that’s pretty crappy. And you know what I discovered? By actually in the process of starting my agency and having interacted with these other agencies with their crappy template strategies, is that the best way to create a marketing strategy for a sales funnel to be from a direct response copywriter’s perspective.

Copywriters versus strategists. 

The reason why is because copywriters  get paid to think they do get paid to write but they spend like 20 or 30 of their time writing quite alright but they spend the rest of it thinking. Think  about strategy, you know like ‘what is your target audience’s most selfish desire’ and ‘how  can you satisfy it’. 

They can get paid to think about stuff like that strategists aren’t really able to do. Strategists are able to think about  other things. I’m going to get to that in a second but copywriters think like ‘how is somebody gonna read this on their phone’,  ‘what  emotions will trigger inside of them’.

Strategists on the other hand get paid to think about things like:

‘how much are  these ads gonna cost the client per month to run’.

‘What is the lifetime value of the clients or the customers?’.

‘The sales that our  client will obtain through this sales funnel’.

They get paid to think of things like that. They get paid to think ‘do we need linkedin ads or facebook ads or  google ads’, ‘What type of ads do we need’. 

‘Should we use only images or videos or should we test both’. So they get paid to think about things like this.

Copywriters are then given the strategy.

The copywriters don’t get paid to answer the question like should we really be using these  linkedin ads or should be using facebook  ads. They’re tacticians and have you ever heard that old quote from sun tzu the asian chinese general who said  ‘strategy without tactics is the slowest  route to victory and tactics without  strategy is the noise before defeat‘.

Strategy templates only work for one out of ten clients. 

So you see that’s why this template  strategy does work for one out of ten  clients but it’s really ineffective and slow. Versus if you just have a copywriter and you  don’t even have a marketing strategy.

You’re definitely most likely going to just  waste all your money.

So that’s why there are a lot of agencies who use this templated business model and it does work for like one out  of ten clients.

Make sure your marketing strategy has copywriters and strategists combined. 

So at the same time the problem here is that  these copywriters are not strategists.

like i said so i’m kind of contradicting myself here but i’m not. What you need is  somebody, an agency or yourself whoever, you have to know what both copywriting and strategy is. 

There is no book to teach you a perfect marketing strategy. 

And really there is no book that will teach you this i promise you. I tried  when I first was trying to figure out what strategies like over a year ago,  two years ago.

Like what is strategy but it’s especially marketing strategy  particularly. Like there is no book that  will teach you this. 

There is not one, and the only way to really learn is with hands-on experience.

And this is why you know marketing agencies exist because you do not have the time to go get that experience. So now you understand the  predicament that a lot of people get into when they pay for a sales funnel.

You’re not getting what you really paid for. You’re getting a template but if you’re paying minimum 20k or more you deserve a custom marketing strategy. And that’s why I started my own marketing agency.


A well designed sales funnel will incorporate both winning copies and formidable strategy. 

This is why a properly structured and designed sales funnel is important for your marketing strategy. 

But if you want the best sales funnel tool available right now. I will recommend system.io which is an all-in-one marketing tool with a free plan for starts.

Sales funnel software with a Free plan.

So if you’re looking  for a sales funnel or you have an existing one or you know you just want to leech off of me and get 30 minutes free advice please just contact me and schedule a consultation with me. I’ll just give you a free marketing strategy session. I’ll go from what strategy your sales funnel should use.

And it’ll be 30 minutes well spent. 

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