What is a sales funnel


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Sales funnel is one of the most important concepts to understand when running any kind of business. The reason why is because every single business in the world regardless of how small or big it is has some kind of sales funnel and everything starts with your marketing efforts.

You’re going to create awareness, interest and desire through your marketing efforts and then that’s gonna make some people pay attention to what you’re doing and they’re gonna become leads. And then you will get them to take some kind of Action. That’s basically what sales funnel is all about.

Sales funnel illustration.

Now what the sales department is going to do with those leads is try to get some of those to buy. So the leads that start becoming closer to buying now are your prospects. And then eventually some of those prospects are going to buy. They’re gonna spend the dollars. 

That’s what the sales department is gonna do. The reason why it looks like a funnel is because not all the people that have interest at the beginning through your marketing efforts are going to become paying customers. In fact at every single stage you’re gonna lose some of the people right. It’s very unusual that you generate interest in a hundred people and those hundred people are gonna buy.

It just doesn’t work that way right. 

So what you want to do is optimize the sales funnel so the conversion from the people that showed interest to the ones that buy is the highest possible. And that’s an entire science that businesses are continuously trying to optimize by testing, by analyzing by tracking, absolutely everything through that sales funnel.

This is a fundamental thing to understand for your business. How are you generating leads?

What are the processes you are using to compel them into paying customers.

And definitely something very important is to realize that once you treat your customers very well, they’re very happy. Your customers are also going to act as your ambassadors they’re gonna do marketing efforts on your behalf.

So it’s kind of like a nice circle of juice because if they’re happy with you, they’re gonna refer you through word of mouth, and through sharing your stuff on social media. And that’s gonna create more awareness and interest and desire and then some of those people are gonna take up your website, they’re gonna fill in the contact form.

Once they fill in the contact form they become a lead then your sales people receive that lead. Now they actively track that lead and contact that lead back and those that show interest to go further down the sales funnel to become leads. And some of them eventually buy.

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