Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2022

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In this article, I’m going to show you effective strategies that will help you to master digital marketing even for a small business. This promises to be step-by-step content. In fact, we use the same six strategies from this article to drive millions of results like visitors, leads, and sales. so if you want to figure out how to master marketing for small businesses even if you don’t have a clue about how it works, just make sure you read to the end.


By the way, LiwoxDotNet is a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses grow through digital marketing. Today we drive hundreds of results for ourselves and our clients even though we are not so old in the industry.

Strategy 1: Develop digital assets

You might be asking, what exactly is a digital asset. so as we know an asset is anything that drives positive cash flow. so if you had a rental property then your asset could be your house and if you have a small business then your asset could be your website. there are three digital assets we recommend you have before you even think about digital marketing:

  • 1. You need a website
  • 2. You need a drip sequence
  • 3. You need high equality photos or videos

Now with all three of these things, there is something that you need to know in order for them to work effectively. You have to have a high equality design because let’s face it no one wants to buy an ugly design no matter how great it is. I don’t understand why nobody likes me there are a lot of reasons why you might need these assets so I’ll sum it up into a few points.

  • 1. you need a place where people can find you which is your website.
  • 2. you need a place where you can follow up with prospects automatically which is your drip sequence
  • 3. you need to make a great first impression of high equality photos and videos.

Also, the rest of the strategies in this article work best when all these assets are in place, which brings us to our first strategy.

Strategy 2: Use SEO otherwise known as search engine optimization.

What if I told you that people are looking for you right now they’re literally begging for all your products and your services they have a really big problem that only you and a handful of others can actually solve.

I want you to think of SEO like a mall. some people go to the mall to shop. companies go to their mall to sell things that people shop for. SEO is like the biggest mall on the internet some people go to search engines just to shop so it’s important that your company is there too so how can you get started with SEO. let’s talk about three quick things

2a. you need to do some keyword research

Our friends at google have an amazing tool called the google keyword planner this can give you hundreds of keyword suggestions along with their monthly search volume which makes it super easy to figure out which terms and keywords you need to focus on the most even if your industry is small, there’s likely someone searching for keywords on google. here’s an example when I search for call centre analytics which is obviously a super niche b2b service that as you can see people are actually looking for so definitely don’t doubt the power of SEO.

2b. you need to do some on-page optimization.

so once you have your keywords in place then the next step is to make it super easy for search engines to find them popular search engines like google have blocks that crawl pages on the internet to figure out what websites are all about it uses stuff like meta tags, alt tags, h1s, user behaviour, and basically a bunch of technical stuff. But it can be easily done with a tool like Yoast. Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress with Yoast. you can easily see what you need to do to optimize your page you can see your problems, what needs improvements and what looks good

2c. you need to repeat this process again and again without seeing any traffic.

The harsh truth is SEO takes time at least six to 12 months. the key to great SEO is to keep going on with your theories and your projects without seeing immediate traffic. when you go from not ranking to ranking number 80 then that’s some momentum that means you’re doing something right and the search engines recognize you well-ranking number 80 will likely get you zero traffic that’s like page seven of google nobody goes there. so remember to be consistent and keep going on with your theories and your projects without seeing immediate traffic and just knowing the time that the traffic will come all right let’s move on to the next tip which is to

Strategy 3: Use pay-per-click on search engines.

So if SEO is like the biggest mall on the internet then PPC is like having prime real estate at the mall it’s like having a retail space that everybody gets to see first but there’s usually an extra cost for this prime real estate so pay-per-click is very similar to SEO people are looking for what you have to offer. the main difference is you don’t have to wait 12 months before you start getting results and some initial traffic here’s an example when I search for call center analytics and when I ran that search I saw these ads every time I click on one of these ads that respective company pays for it. hence the phrase pay per click here’s an example of one of our clients making a lot of money with pay-per-click advertising now you need to know that the keywords and the cost per click are based on the competition of that keyword but don’t worry Google has us covered again with their google keyword planner which gives you an estimate of what you can expect to pay per click now here’s three things you need to know about pay-per-click advertising.

3a. You still need to do some keyword research for CTR.

you can rewind back to our previous point to see exactly how you need to do keyword research. CTR matters a lot CTR stands for click-through rate which is simply the number of times that people see your ad versus the number of times that people actually clicked on it. now CTR can get pretty deep so I’ll link another article if you’re interested in diving deep into it. But essentially you want to create high click-through rates on google or any search engine so you drive as much traffic as possible.

3b. You need to make sure you’re doing some on-page optimization.

Now we talked about this in tip number two, however, since we’re paying for additional traffic now I have one additional tip. whenever possible make sure you capture leads. this means having a landing page with one clear concise call to action. now there are a lot of things that go into making an effective landing page so tell us in the comments below if you’d like to see us write an article breakdown of everything that you need to know and one more thing pay-per-click allows you to skip the line but it also will bring your overall profits down so before you get started make sure you consider your overall marketing budget and what you can spend and still, be profitable.

okay now let’s move on to tip number four which is

Strategy 4: Use social media management.

It’s no secret social media is a massive platform where people go to connect, so if you’re thinking that your customers aren’t on social media think again. Platforms like Facebook have more users than three united states. That’s massive. so trust me when I say your customers are definitely on Facebook which means there’s an opportunity for businesses. However, the difference between social media and SEO is the intent behind them. When people go on social media they’re looking for people. They’re looking for their friends, their family, celebrities etc. They’re not looking for your products and services like they might be doing on search engines. So that means if you want to capture attention and you have to create valuable content and sneak peek. That doesn’t mean listing a hundred ways that your product can help them. Nobody cares. Here are two simple tips when it comes to creating content.

4a. before you begin posting you should listen very carefully to your audience.

By listening I mean joining their groups, reading their comments, and studying exactly who they’re following and why. This allows you to learn a little bit more about what your audience’s challenges and goals are and once you have this in mind then you can move on to the most important step which is to create valuable content. Most people will tell you content is king.

Quality over quantity but what they really mean is you need to know brands, colours, headlines and stuff that people emotionally respond to so you can sell them. So what you have to do is to create value. You want to create stuff that makes your audience’s life better. Then and only then do you have the opportunity to sell them.

Remember SEO is like a mall. if someone walks into your store then it’s appropriate to talk to them about your products and your services.

In fact, it’s expected on the other hand social media is like a park, you wouldn’t want the first thing you do when you walk up to a stranger is to say ‘hey did you know my call centre analytics can hold up to 25 users’.

Now since you made it this far I have two additional tips for social media growth and the two are


Most people won’t tell you or maybe they like the experience to know that volume is key for social media organic growth. The game is actually Quantity over Quality not Quality over Quantity.

Let’s look at one of the biggest fashion brands online fashion. NOVA. As you can see they posted over 54 000 times on Instagram.

In fact, they just posted another 10 times in the last 24 hours and their posts aren’t crazy special Either. Now obviously Quality matters a lot and you have to give value for fashion nova. That value translates into special offers and looks so on a scale from one to ten, we rank their quality about a six and a half in their quantity.

All right now let’s move on to tip number five which is to

Strategy 5: Use social media advertising.

Remember social media is like being at a park. So social media ads are like having a stand at that park. You may get some eyeballs on you but not everybody is there just for you.

They’re there to have fun, enjoy a picnic, take a walk or something similar. So it’s even more important to give people a reason to visit you or to get them to click on your ad and when you do you can get some pretty massive results. Now remember just like with PPC, in social media advertising, you have to know your costs otherwise you can dig a really big hole that’s difficult to climb out of otherwise known as unprofitable sales.

So how can you start using social media advertising to drive results well? Unlike social media management, volume isn’t necessary. We’ve seen one ad drive thousands of results but that one ad has to be a really good ad.

Now it’s impossible for me to give you an exact formula on how to create ads because it really depends on your audience. Think about it, dog lovers respond better to dogs in their ads and targeting women probably respond better to the colour pink. However, keep these things in mind.

  • Create an ad that provides value first.
  • People read headlines before they read copy and descriptions.
  • You can use emojis to capture emotions.
  • Use high-quality images and videos.

Now a lot of these things are self-explanatory but I want to walk you through a quick example for one of our clients.

This is a wrestling training course we started out with providing value. Firstly, we recommended that our audience download a free ebook on attrition for wrestlers in exchange for their email addresses.

We put together a headline based on their goals, used emojis and made sure that we used a high-quality image. Now your ad is going to determine about 40% of your success. The other 40% is your audience. And since you made it this far I have a special bonus tip.

That’s on an advanced level. What you need to know about social media audiences is that warm audiences convert nearly 10 times better than cold audiences.

A warm audience is simply someone who’s heard about you before they visited your website they saw you at an event, visited your booth, or something similar. So if you have the luxury of using warm audiences or custom audiences then you’re going to have a higher success rate.

Additionally, with custom audiences, you’re able to create a high-performing cold audience called lookalike audiences and it’s pretty advanced but subscribe and we’re gonna do a step-by-step tutorial on what all this stuff means.

Furthermore, social media advertising is an environment where testing is necessary. That means you can waste a little bit of money before you find the right ad that matches up with the right audience.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to this and it simply is the cost of social media advertising all right. Let’s move on to our last tip which is

Strategy 6: Hire a consultant or agency

A consultant or agency can help guide you through uncharted territory. A marketing consultant is usually an individual who can help you out with your marketing. An agency is usually a group of consultants.

Now buyers aside, an agency can provide you with a little bit more stability than an individual. This is because an individual can get sick or find a better opportunity leaving your marketing hanging out to dry. But regardless make sure you’re working with someone with some experience.

There are a lot of people that are going to read this article and decide hey I can do that for my clients too which is great. We want to make sure we’re providing value to everybody. But there are a lot of nuances when it comes to digital marketing when you hire someone you want to work with. Someone who can guide you while predicting some outcomes.

And by the way, that means you never ever want to hire an intern. An intern is basically someone who’s going to drain your time by asking you question after question. Hey, boss uh where’s the coffee machine at again. The best interns have some really bright ideas but they lack the experience to take the lead. So the majority of the time they wind up following your instructions which defeats the whole purpose behind hiring someone to help guide you. So remember, focus on experience over price because the lack of experience will wind up costing you and waste your time.

So in summary let’s look at the six tips that we recommend for digital marketing for small businesses.

1. Develop digital assets.
2. Use SEO.
3. Use pay-per-click on search engines.
4. Use social media management.
5. Use pay-per-click on social media otherwise known as social media advertising.
6. Hire an experienced agency or consultant.

Now I hope all this information was really helpful for you especially when it comes to marketing for a small business

If you enjoyed it make sure you tell us in the comments below. Subscribe to our newsletters and look out for our next article. I’ll see you at the next one.

Armstrong Uzoagwa is the CEO and team lead at Liwox. PROFILE || FACEBOOK || LINKED-IN || INSTAGRAM

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